Data Preparation

How clean is your database?
  • Statistics show 60% on average when compared to Canada Post Delivery Accuracy Report.
  • Database upkeep is best serviced by professionals who work as a team on all aspects of data hygiene.
  • Data Direct Compliance procedures guarantee ethical, accurate & clean list delivery files.
  • Your letter in the mail represents your company.

"Accurate data produces powerful marketing messages"

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Digital Print Shop

What does digital output do for Direct Marketing?
  • Elevates the message with personalized name, picture or action on each piece. (See video1 and video2)
  • Interactive graphics offer you various messaging using same postcard stock.
  • Digital moves data fast. Increase your speed to market.
  • Magnify your marketing mix; digital data technology is no longer held to low volume output.

"Make it personal with digital print data.
We all like to read our own names"

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Offset Print & Bindery

Looking for a large volume supplier for your print, mail & data work?
  • Data Direct is one of the largest suppliers in Canada servicing the advertising market.
  • Amalgamated offset & bindery operations 2017.(See Bindery Video)
  • 400,000 pieces of mail dropped nightly at Canada Post; your final delivery channel.

"Mergers & Acquisitions, our economical & experienced growth strategy using Intelligent Data"

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Plastic Cards

Plastic Card and Secure Cards Technology Services Provider
  • Data Direct works with leading Reward and Gift Card Providers
  • Graphic Design service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Short and Large Runs
  • Secure Data
  • In-house Fulfilment & Distribution Services
  • Gift Cards• Loyalty Cards• Phone Cards
  • Incentive Cards• Membership Cards
  • ID Cards
  • RFID Cards
  • Die-Cut Cards
  • Virtual Cards

"We also design, produce cards carriers, presenters, affix into one high quality effective marketing package for your Brand."

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Direct Mail Lettershop

How are consumers reacting to Direct Mail in to-day’s market?
  • Recent studies on competitive analysis tell us 67% of Canadians prefer to receive advertising communication by mail over email.
  • Respect thy name with relevant & clean data.
  • Direct Mail is most successful when received as a second message.
  • Impactful, non-intrusive, tactile with virtual capabilities. (See video1, video2, and video3)

"What gets people to buy what they buy? Directive Data"

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e-Commerce & Fulfillment

What are the 3 most significant aspects of successful on-line order purchases?
  • White glove handling; we understand the product is an extension of your brand.
  • Proprietary web-based inventory system with Shopify. Authorized User Access & Live Reporting 24/7.
  • Level 10 discount pricing with Canada Post + Favourable volume rates via major couriers.

"Pick & Pack is for the masses.
Data Direct handles product for the classes"

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Data Analysis

Do you survey your clients to capture data such as, satisfaction rates?
  • Surveys are one of the primary vehicles for collecting the information your business needs.
  • Surveys can reduce decision making risk, identify ROI and improve customer service.
  • Employee evaluation mandated or offered? Value staff for long term employment satisfaction.
  • Data direct will format design, administer, verify, classify & index data.

"Your business strategy is only as good as the data you know"

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Inventory Management

Pushing Data to move Product?

The massive warehouse space at Data Direct is designed to host various product line items with barcode applied to each product by client.

Materials release & replenish using supply chain logistics.

Web-based inventory log-in system provides customers active view & reporting real time.

"Confidence is knowing Data Direct facility is monitored by video camera surveillance"

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Canada Post

Why pay more postage when you can pay less?
  • Commanding most of the marketing budget.
  • Negotiating significant postage discounts on your behalf.
  • Navigating contracts and onboarding at Canada Post.
  • Keeping you in the know.

“Data Direct; making sure you get the mailing breaks you deserve”

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Data Promotions

If the following fundamentals reflect your business approach, will you give your data to Data Direct?

Authenticity. Your Data Analysis Output is Intelligent information presented in Executive Report followed by graphical action items.

Convenience. With all aspects covered from creative graphic design lay-out you can stand alone or turn-key with Data Direct to final delivery.

Personalized. Our President, Debbie Major is famous for her line “We remove the avoidance of pain”. Simplified & Superior Customer Service.

Genuine. The growth of any company is tested by effective data. Measure your own Success.

"It all starts with Data @ Data Direct"

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