The Data in Data Direct

Communicating through mail? Data Direct is one of Canada’s largest Direct Mail Supplier to Canada Post, our final delivery channel partner.

E-Commerce fulfillment is aligned with same data driven reliance.

Data Analysis. Analytics identifies the who, why, when & where your customers & members belong in your value chain. Survey & Evaluation services are offered in a variety of formats to support your Data Driven Metrics.

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Data Dynamics

$50.00 is happening tonight for Brian McCarthy of Allegra Marketing Print Mail as we end the Vendor Day. Thanks to all who participated in our survey. Results by info graphic format soon. Thanks DIrect Marketing Magazine Publisher Mark Henry and team.


Gary Stavro and are happening at 2018 Canadian Print & Mail Vendor Fair , Markham. Analysts, marketers, printers & mailers. Fulfillment too. Digital folks; we’re all part and parcel (pardon the pun Mr. Canada Post)


New members for from and TPK. Wonderful meeting; the April newbies 😉. Interested In Bunch. Poised For Greatness. I like that motto.


Ask. Listen. Act. On behalf of your customers wants and wishes. One reason we have invested in survey & analysis research development. Market wise with and me . …


WOW spring/summer catalogue in my mailbox yesterday. Excited 😊 Maybe it’s age but I look through every page . Remember Sears 😃. Print drives purchases. I will use this book all season. Always do Out with winter book to Blue Box.


She luves the game. All of it. Played for $5.00/game Quebec back in the 30's, I believe it was. Grew up with brothers & ice-rink. A natural player when men weren't around;the ones that were, still wanted to watch a game. Yes, underpaid. No, she didn't care-she was playing. Still …


Making change and building better communities meet the awardees and sponsors of the will and want to advance communities because we can …


Share the wealth of information. Yes, and the sales team do daily. Resourceful documentation has no value If not read, actioned. This blends the power of media format advertising. …


wishes great time with family this Easter Weekend


Sequencing of marketing channels does matter. Mail garners more attention when its positioned as the 2nd touch like following an email or other digital inputs. Download free white paper. Great research starts with Data …