The Data in Data Direct

Communicating through mail? Data Direct is one of Canada’s largest Direct Mail Supplier to Canada Post, our final delivery channel partner.

E-Commerce fulfillment is aligned with same data driven reliance.

Data Analysis. Analytics identifies the who, why, when & where your customers & members belong in your value chain. Survey & Evaluation services are offered in a variety of formats to support your Data Driven Metrics.

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Data Dynamics

Data is collection of facts; aggregated to trends, clusters & demographics for the purpose of obtaining focused intelligence. The value of knowledge often within a company vault of files. Let us help you classify before you go to market. We’re here to align & action advertising. …


Happy Hazel McCallion Day in Mississauga. Just enjoyed a slice of that cake. 97 never tasted so good with host Valentine keynote with the city’s keys


is happening. Speaking to Trade show staff on what’s hot, new and working with . Parcels BTW We package for the classes;not the masses. E-commerce & Data analysis. It’s all about the Data.


sharing her knowledge, spirited passion and fun. Trade shows are all about stuff. we made it about what ya going do with all that stuff? See more excitement tomorrow at this booth 😉


We update our Facebook event page daily- follow us here … For tickets - visit our website  Attend- Reception & Networking on 02 March Attend- 5th Annual Awards Gala on 03 March Buy your tickets now! No return/refund after Feb. 20.


making future business leaders making businesses stronger helping communities …


I have tickets :) Ladies & gentlemen, please contact myself, the anytime. It's a party. Sharing & Caring kind. How easy is that? Objective; Smile - Be Happy - Don't worry. dodododddodooddoddo ;) …


Companies have a community social responsibility to help causes which enhance positive and healthy lifestyles. Many women represent working ea day to support their families; we welcome the opportunity to help recognize the women &men helping women …


Data Direct proud sponsor of and proud of our for helping create such an important event recognizing women who have gone above and beyond. …